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A snap above the rest – 25 years of Critical Power

Outstanding support and uninterruptible power to digital imaging client 25 years.

– Turbines achieve 99% availability over their 25-year lifetime

– 4MW of continuous power 24/7

– Dale recognised as Certified Supplier

– Smooth installation of 35 tonnes turbines to first floor


For 25 years Dale Power Solutions has provided back up power to a major digital imaging and photographic business based in the UK. The contract which began in 1994 ensured the site received continuous power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During this time Dale was recognised twice as a Certified Supplier, an award only bestowed to suppliers who provided outstanding support. Sadly, the site has now been closed and production relocated abroad.  The same Dale engineers that built, installed and maintained the turbines finally decommissioned and removed them.

The Challenge

The initial request from the customer was to provide a solution to ensure that there would be no disruption to production in the event of a mains power failure. At this time the site was a leading producer of photographic paper and continuous production was essential.

All suppliers were assessed against rigorous criteria. Dale was required to make power available for at least 97% of the time, whilst complying with the quality matrix. The matrix monitored suppliers’ performance against several deliverables: pre-planning, plant history management, work plans, parts replacement, attendance, execution of the service plan and technical support.

In addition, there were several logistical challenges to overcome as the new turbines weighing 35 tonnes were to be located alongside the two established turbines on the first floor of the building.

The Solution

Dale installed two turbines at the plant, each providing 4.0MW of continuous power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The solution also supplied exhaust heat of 500°C through waste heat boilers, essential in the production of photographic paper.

Working closely with the client team, a smooth installation was achieved utilising cranes hydraulic lifts and skids. The turbines were commissioned and the service and maintenance contract agreed.

Over the 25 years the turbines achieved 99% availability throughout their life which is well above contractual and industry standards. This was largely owing to the quality and continual upgrading of the plant. A comprehensive service package, including 24-hour call out, on-site training and the overhaul of the turbine and gearbox equipment.


– Both gas turbines packages achieved a combined total of 270,000 operational hours generating over 2.16 million MWHr of electrical power

– Over the course of the long term maintenance contract Dale performed 8 core turbine and gearbox exchanges, 4 on each package

– In recognition of the service and support provided, Dale Power Solutions was recognised twice as a Certified Supplier. This certification was awarded to suppliers who provide outstanding support

– The turbines achieved 99% availability throughout their life which is well above contractual and industry standards

– Dale Power Solutions provided 24/7 support throughout the entire contract

“Many of the team, including me, who were involved in the initial installation have continued to work with the client over the past 25 years and have finally been involved in the decommissioning of the turbines. Regular visits to upgrade and service equipment and to train staff has meant we’ve established some great working relationships with our client. Particular high points were when we received the prestigious Certified Supplier award twice during this time.”

Dave Biggins, Gas Service and Commissioning Manager, Dale Power Solutions