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Shell UK - The Decommissioning Project | Case Study

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2MW HV Power Generation 24ft Container
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12 Tonne Modular Installation


Over the next 40 years the Gulf of Mexico, Asia Pacific and the North Sea will witness the large-scale decommissioning of mature oil rigs which have either passed or are approaching their life expectancy. This poses an expensive and technically complex challenge, to decommission the rigs in a way that is safe, environmental sound and cost effective.

The Brent Field is an oil and gas field located in the East Shetland Basin of the North Sea which is operated by Shell UK Limited. This once productive offshore asset is no longer economically viable and is therefore beginning the decommissioning phase of its life.

Shell UK Limited embarked on the decommissioning of the Brent Field in 2015, beginning with the Brent Delta platform. For this initial project the Shell team opted to use rental generators to provide essential power throughout the decommissioning phase. This proved to be an unsatisfactory and unreliable route so on the second project, the decommissioning of the Brent Charlie platform, the Shell Project Team looked for an alternative reliable energy source.

The Challenge

Shell UK approached Dale Power Solutions with a challenging brief, to provide reliable power to the Brent Charlie platform during the decommissioning phase of the project. As Dale design and build the smallest power/weight ratio generators available in the market they were ideally suited to this project.

A project with this scope would normally take over a year to complete however this brief stipulated the work had to be completed within 6 months. Aside from the short timescale there were several significant challenges facing both teams:

  • Power/Weight Ratio: 2 MW HV power generation required
  • Weight Limitation: Platform crane lifting limit of 12 tonnes
  • Size Limitation: As with any oil platform space is in short supply. From the design through to the packaging and transportation of the unit these restrictions had to be taken into consideration. The final unit could be no bigger than 7.5m x 2.5m.
  • Noise: Generator noise had to be kept to a minimum but without the luxury of space to dampen the sound from the engine, alternator and vent fans, alternative methods had to be researched and employed.
  • Reliability of Power Supply: The remote location of the platform required a solution which would provide a wholly reliable power supply.

The Solution

Shell UK Limited was provided with two identical, customised generators manufactured to exacting marine standards. The systems were designed and built in a modular format which could be dismantled for shipping and then rebuilt on the platform.

“What we’ve been able to achieve working with Dale Power Solutions is effectively a 2MW HV power generation unit in a 24ft container. This container can be installed in modular fashion using 12 tonne lifts which able to use the platform crane to achieve installation.”
Andrew Ennis, Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer, Shell Global Solutions UK

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