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Looking for Erskine Systems AC & DC UPS? You've come to the right place. Same expert solutions but we've grown to offer even more in critical power as Dale.

What happened to Erskine Systems UPS?

Nothing has changed in terms of our location or widely regarded specialist offering, though now trading under Dale Power Solutions we cover all your critical power needs including energy storage, UPS, batteries, generators and as expected installation, commissioning, service and maintenance.

Erskine in short are our AC/DC battery chargers brands where as a company we continue to supply many countries from our UK manufacturing plant in Scarborough.

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History of Erskine Systems

Erskine Systems Ltd. began life as Erskine Laboratories, founded in 1938 by a research scientist called John Ellis. He started the company in Weybridge, Surrey. Shortly before the 2nd World War the company re-located to Scalby, a village on the outskirts of Scarborough, in the North of England.

While based in Scalby, then later the neighbouring village of Newby, Erskine initially started marketing, under license, high quality radio receivers based on an American design. During the war years the company became heavily involved with work for the Ministry of Defence, thus starting a working relationship which continued well into the 1970’s and established Erskine’s reputation for quality and reliability.

Products at that time included Oscilloscopes, Receivers and specialist Tape Recorders (including the FI-CORD 202). After the war the company continued to produce specialist equipment to John Ellis’ design although, because of the nature of the work, few products bore the company name.

Following the death of John Ellis in 1968, the company was taken over. Leonard Dale, founder and Managing Director of Dale Electric GB Ltd, a local manufacturer of Generating Sets, acquired Erskine Laboratories Ltd. and appointed three directors; Geoff Race, John Thistlethwaite and Roy Morris (later, at the age of 25 years, to become Managing Director).

Roy Morris had joined Dale Electric as an apprentice in 1959. A gifted electronics engineer and astute businessman, it was Roy Morris who suggested to the Dale board that the Newby works was the ideal location to develop and produce a range of DC secure power systems. This range would complement the Dale range of generators.

Production capacity was initially filled by manufacturing control and compressor systems for use with Dale generating sets, but as the new DC power products were developed, so the opening up of the North Sea Oilfields proved a lucrative market for Erskine.

As well as being utilised to maintain the generator start battery in a healthy condition, the battery chargers were also be suitable for providing instantaneous backup in the event of a mains failure. Applications included low current lighting, electronic telephone exchanges and computer systems.

An expanding order book paved the way for a move to a purpose built factory, which opened early in 1975 at the company’ s present location at Eastfield, near the seaside holiday resort of Scarborough.

This site was again expanded in 1976 effectively doubling its factory and office space to 4,180m² of factory space and 929m² of office space. Beyond this the growth of Dale has once more seen an expanded headquarters and additional offices in Hemel Hempstead and Service Centre also located in Hertfordshire.

Our Services

AC & DC UPS Maintenance

Avoid the disruption caused by downtime with planned inspections to detect problems ensuring preventative maintenance on your UPS

UPS Installation & Commissioning

Our engineers have the experience and capability to safely install UPS systems to the customer’s specification to be carried out anytime, anywhere

Remote Monitoring

With Dale Power Solutions remote monitoring platform you can easily monitor and control your UPS, energy storage or generator performance.



Do you still manufacture Erskine UPS?

Our AC DC UPS range is available and  manufactured at our Scarborough headquarters. We still design, maintain and build to your specification with over 80 years of experience in critical power.

Do you offer service and maintenance?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive service and maintenance solution based on your requirements as a business. Either use the contact us page or call 0300 999 3000.

Can you put a UPS & generator in a container?

Yes we can, contact us to discuss your requirements and with the range of UPS and generators we provide we have the solution to match your need.