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The Products You Need For ALoMCP Compliance

The Products You Need For ALoMCP Compliance

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As you may be aware, the accelerated loss of mains change programme is a government-funded project that’s offering grants of up to £4000 to protect the future of the nation’s energy. These grants aim to upgrade old relay settings, or replace a protection relay that is no longer compliant under the new G99 regulations by September 2022. aTo aid compliance with the ALoMCP, we can provide you with a choice of relays to ensure your generators are up to the new G99 standards, as well as DC power supplies for battery chargers and tripping switch gear, among other useful UPS parts and equipment. Below we highlight some of the key features and benefits of these products, and discuss their usefulness in terms of the accelerated loss of mains change programme.

G99 Relays For The Accelerated Loss Of Mains Change Programme

The DSEP100

The DSEP100 G99 Mains Protection Relay is perfect for a wide range of paralleling applications, such as peak lopping, fixed export, short term operating reserve and seamless or close transition, as well as multi-stage under and over voltage protection and RoCoF and vector shift protections. Fully G99 compliant, the great news is that if you’re already using a current DSEP100 installed under the G59 rules, it can easily be configured to suit the new regulations. Complying with many other world standards for connecting to the mains supply, the DSEP100 is a great addition to your generator set.

Key features of the DSEP100 include:

  • Can detect a mains failure when in parallel with another source.
  • Includes RoCoF Protection.
  • Two-stage under & over voltage and frequency protection.
  • Zero sequence overvoltage protection (Neutral Voltage Displacement protection).
  • DSE Configuration Suite PC Software.
  • World standard integration (G99/1, G98/1, G59/3, G83,3 & C10/11).

Along with detecting imbalances in the measured system and preventing power being supplied into an islanded grid, the DSEP100 can also determine neutral voltage displacement, protect the device and connected equipment and provide user-friendly configuration for high-level system control and monitoring.

The ComAp MainsPro

The ComAp MainsPro is a protection relay for on-grid applications such as generator sets, renewable energy sources and microturbines. With adjustable frequency, voltage and loss of mains protections to protect both the distribution network and your generators, it’s a superb choice for those also looking for breaker failure protection. Being a G99-1 non-type tested protection relay makes it a perfect choice for ALoMCP compliance too.

Key Features Of The ComAp MainsPro Include:

  • Vector Shift and ROCOF protection in one unit.
  • Free assignment of 5 relay outputs allows a variety of signaling and trip methods.
  • Adjustable time delay of automatic fault reset which avoids the necessity of on-site personnel.
  • Allows both 3-phase and 1-phase applications.
  • True Root Mean Square (RMS) measurement for better accuracy and evaluation of failures.
  • Two stage settings of voltage and frequency protections.

With benefits including adjustable voltage, frequency and loss of mains protection to defend both the distribution network and generators, the ComAp MainsPro also offers remote communication for isolated applications, as well as circuit breaker disconnection for safe power supply separation from the grid.

Products We Recommend For Additional Power Protection

DC Power Supply for Battery Chargers

For some extra protection, and to ensure that your battery chargers are always fully operational, we suggest a DC power supply such as the 6CV range of three phase input thyristor-based DC systems. Configurable to provide DC output voltages from 24V up to 240V nominal with output currents up to 1250A, there is constant voltage with current limited output. Compatible with lead acid, nickel cadmium and lithium ion batteries, and capable of being configured for parallel operation, this DC power supply also offers custom alarm and monitoring configuration options for the ultimate in bespoke equipment.

Key Features Of The 6CV Range Include:

  • Special DC output voltages, optional nominal 12VDC, 30VDC, 60VDC, 120VDC, 240VDC.
  • Low DC voltage load disconnect facility.
  • Counter EMF diode systems for loads sensitive to high charge voltages.
  • Parallel operation with load current sharing provided by droop voltage control.
  • 12-pulse charger control option.

Providing an extra layer of protection from outages and blackouts, this DC power supply for your battery charger will ensure a fail safe option is always available.

DC Power Supply For Tripping Switch Gear

If the amount of current flowing through your generators matches the current flowing out, then, usually, they remain operable and the power supply is uninterrupted. If they keep tripping or continuously go off, then this could be down to damaged wiring, nuisance tripping, bad weather or defective switches, among other issues. With unnecessary tripping being an issue the ALoMCP is trying to prevent, it may be worth investing in one of our battery tripping units, such as those that feature in the SR range of single phase or three phase switch mode based DC systems.

For Example, The DC UPS/Battery Charger Offers:

  • Configurable DC output voltages from 24V to 240V nominal with output power capability to 150kW.
  • 110W DC output power rating.
  • Remote MODBUS, IP and SNMP-based monitoring and control.
  • Hot plug rectifier modules.
  • Low distortion sinusoidal input current.

Reducing the likelihood of needless tripping and allowing a constant energy flow, this range of switch gear technology is a must for your operations.

UPS Service and Maintenance

Upgrades may keep you compliant, but regular maintenance will keep you in business. Here at Dale Power Solutions, we also offer a great range of UPS service and maintenance options, including:

  • Our Bronze Package: 1 immediate visit and 1 annual visit to ensure your UPS are working efficiently.
  • Our Silver Package: Access to our customer portal, which gives you full access to your asset details, reports and associated quotes.
  • Our Gold Package: Fixes minor faults and includes callouts and management information reports.
  • Our Platinum Package: Beneficial swap outs for your faulty UPS and end of life capacitors, fans and batteries.

With a great range of products available and a team of technical experts who can guide you in your choices, here at Dale Power Solutions, we can ensure your ALoMCP compliance and future power protected in no time at all. We support sites across the UK, and therefore, if you’re located in sites such as Scarborough, St Albans, Glasgow or Kent, please get in touch with us today on 0330 999 3000 to learn more about our product offering, and just what we can do for you.