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Battery Servicing & Maintenance

Reducing your energy consumption for an hour 3 times a week could earn your business a risk-free revenue

With over 80 years of experience in the industry, our trusted engineers are on hand 24/7 and fully equipped to service, interrogate and repair equipment from almost any OEM.

Why Choose Dale Power?

  • One of the largest, qualified and independent battery suppliers in the UK
  • Detailed battery commissioning organised by our team of dedicated project managers
  • Complete battery lifecycle management
  • Correct battery sizing and supply to meet any customer requirements
  • Battery waste management
  • Efficient battery installation to minimise customer disruption
  • Battery maintenance to avoid downtime
  • National coverage with on/off-shore maintenance reach

Did you know that once installed a battery must be maintained to provide optimum performance?
All batteries have a limited life (even in ideal conditions) and will eventually deteriorate. Our  team of qualified battery maintenance engineers will ensure the performance of your battery is maximised over its life.

We tailored services to your requirements or recommend a detailed cost effective maintenance schedule including for example timely planned preventative maintenance and inspection (3 month, 6 month, annual, 2 yearly or 3 yearly inspection regimes).

How we help with battery maintenance

  • 24/7 Emergency breakdown cover & technical help
  • 24/7 Offshore call out response
  • 4 Hour Onshore call our response
  • Equipment database/tracking

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Planned preventative and predictive maintenance
We provide a maintenance package that includes basic planned preventative maintenance through to a predictive maintenance report using the latest technology. This service will report on the status of your battery lifecycle and provide recommendations.

Our maintenance capabilities include:

  • Visual inspection
  • Charging and temperature compensation regimes
  • Cell, block voltages and ripple current
  • Cell top-up
  • Specific gravity checks
  • Cleaning and greasing
  • Thermal imaging
  • Battery hire

Other services include: Waste batteries & recycling, training, battery testing, voltage measurement, discharge testing, cell testing and continuous monitoring.

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Batteries are an integral part of any generator set and UPS power supply system, acting as the energy storage device for the energy supplied by the battery chargers. Supplying power to generator engines and UPS power supply systems, batteries also provide that extra power necessary when the engine’s electrical load exceeds the supply from the charging system. Acting as a voltage stabiliser in the electrical system, evening out voltage spikes and preventing damage to critical components, batteries play a vital part in your critical power supply equipment. But batteries don’t last forever. With a typical lifespan of 3 – 5 years, and causes of battery failure including loss of electrolyte, inaccurate float charge voltage and loose inter-cell links and connections, it’s imperative that you have a regular battery maintenance schedule in place to monitor these issues, fix any battery problems and when the time comes, replace batteries with the right battery type and battery technology. This must be right, before it’s too late and by a battery expert who knows their way around your electrical equipment.

Luckily, we do. Dale Power Solutions is one of the largest and leading independent suppliers of battery management, battery maintenance, battery testing and battery replacement in the UK. With our superb battery service and battery maintenance packages – which includes everything from voltage readings, impedance testing and battery cabinet assessment through to battery inspections, battery recycling and battery replacement – you can have peace of mind knowing that your UPS batteries and generator batteries are being taken care of effectively. With the added assurance that your battery meets demanding and ever-changing legislation, our technical engineers will carry out detailed risk assessments, method statements and ensure that site compliant rules are always accommodated. Available 24/7, 365 days of the year, our technical experts are always on hand to help with any battery issues, technical support and will work tirelessly to resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Therefore, if you’re in need of battery maintenance, battery servicing or battery replacement, then we encourage you to get in touch with us today. Serving businesses, sites and facilities up and down the UK, in areas including Scarborough, Manchester, Cardiff and Glasgow, we can help with all of your battery needs, and make battery recommendations based on your business requirements.

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Indications Battery Maintenance Is Needed

Luckily, there are many signs of existing or upcoming battery failure. These battery failure signs include:

Spotting these battery issues early could prevent further issues down the line. At Dale Power Solutions, our technical experts can identify existing and upcoming battery failure, ensuring that suitable measures are put in place for fully operational generators and UPS systems.

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The Importance of Battery Servicing & Battery Maintenance

All UPS systems and generators have a limited service life, regardless of where the UPS system or generator is located or deployed. While determining battery life is not always easy, there are various factors that you should consider to prevent issues such as intermittent spikes, brownouts or voltage fluctuations that can damage your critical power supply equipment and severely reduce the lifespan of your batteries:

Ambient Temperature: The rated capacity of a lead acid battery is 77°F, and any variation from this operating temperature can alter the battery’s performance and shorten its lifespan. In fact, to determine lifespan in relation to temperature, for every 15°F average temperature above 77°F, battery life is reduced by as much as 50%. Ambient temperatures below 77°F can reduce battery backup time too.

Battery Cycling: During a utility power failure, a UPS power supply system operates on battery power. Once utility power is restored, or a switch to generator power is complete, the battery is recharged for further use – known as a discharge cycle. At installation, the battery is at 100% of rated capacity, but with each discharge and subsequent recharge, the capacity is reduced. Batteries can only be discharged and recharged a certain number of times before the battery is depleted. When this occurs, the battery cells will fail and the battery will need to be replaced.

Battery Storage: Batteries must be properly stored prior to being installed in order to improve service life and reliability. Battery storage facilities should be climate-controlled with proper ventilation to keep batteries cool and dry. Failure to do so may result in shortened runtimes and reduced capacity. Fortunately, all battery manufacturers have shelf life and storage parameters to follow.

Battery Maintenance: Battery service and battery maintenance are critical to UPS reliability and generator functionality. A gradual decrease in battery life can be monitored and evaluated through voltage checks, load testing and battery monitoring, among other means. Periodic preventive maintenance extends battery string life by preventing loose connections, removing corrosion and identifying bad batteries before they impact the rest of the battery string. Without regular battery maintenance, a UPS battery or generator battery can experience heat-generating resistance at the terminals, improper loading, reduced protection and failure much earlier than expected.

With proper battery maintenance, end of battery life can be accurately estimated and replacements scheduled without unexpected equipment failure or loss of backup power. To learn about our battery maintenance contracts and battery service contracts, please give us a call today on 0330 999 3000. We supply, install and maintain batteries for businesses across the UK, in areas including Kent, London, Gwynt y Môr and Carlisle, among other locations, so our battery experts will be happy to help you too.

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How Can Dale Power Solutions Help?

Battery Maintenance

Predictive and preventative maintenance is regularly carried out by battery specialists to ensure you avoid any critical power supply system downtime. When problems with your batteries occur our service engineers will be on hand to analyse the situation and resolve any issues as quickly as possible. More often than not they can make repairs and reconfigurations there and then. When batteries reach the end of their lifecycle however, our battery maintenance experts will recommend suitable battery replacements.

As part of our battery service and maintenance contracts, we can:

  • Check the open circuit battery and UPS float voltages.
  • Inspect the physical condition of the batteries, terminals and connections.
  • Assess the condition of your battery cabinets.
  • Carry out an in depth examination of individual cells for post and interconnector corrosion.
  • Conduct impedance testing to assess the internal condition of your batteries.
  • Carry out voltage readings.
  • Dispose of batteries in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005, which includes removal, transportation and disposal of waste batteries.

With a visual inspection of key battery components too, our battery maintenance and battery service contracts are certainly extensive.

Battery Testing

Battery testing and inspections are available for all of our batteries – from single cells to entire charging rooms. Battery testing is key to keeping your batteries in good condition.

Using site load or a load bank test, we can carry out battery autonomy checks, along with voltage measurement and discharge testing. All of our full battery capacity checks are to recognised and approved standards.

Our condition monitoring checks use battery resistance instruments to enable full site reporting of individual cell voltage, and internal resistance readings including associated interconnections for sophisticated cell testing and continuous monitoring.

Supply, Installation and Commissioning

Our technical engineers can help you select and size the correct battery technology and battery type to ensure the most suitable choice for your battery application. We can satisfy your every requirement from individual cells and mono-blocks to full banks, strings and entire sites.

When it comes to generator batteries, battery size is determined by generator size and the configuration the battery is connected to. For example, a 350 kW generator may only allow one 4D battery, whereas a 1500 kW and 2MW units have two 8Ds or four 4Ds depending on the enclosure. We’ll ensure that your options are clear, and make our recommendations based on your critical power supply needs. We can also advise on battery system design and create bespoke battery installations that meet your site’s needs.

Battery Replacement

We’re proactive with our battery replacement process, and will let you know far in advance when this will be required. At Dale Power Solutions, we can supply a battery as part of a secure power system or supply the battery for individual purposes. Our UPS battery experts and generator battery experts will select and design the best battery solution for the project application and advise on the battery technology most suited to the application.

When it comes to new batteries and battery technology, our team typically selects either a valve regulated lead acid battery, flooded lead acid battery, flooded nickel cadmium battery (NiCd), gas recombination low maintenance NiCd battery or lithium battery.

The battery recommended will depend on various factors, including:

  • The system critical loads requiring support during supply outages.
  • The period of time (autonomy) the battery will supply power.
  • Battery ageing factors.
  • Redundancy and multi string configurations.
  • Design and operational life.
  • Battery accommodation (i.e. enclosures or stands).
  • Commercial requirements.
  • Installation and connectivity constraints.
  • Health and safety requirements.
  • Cooling and ventilation constraints.
  • Battery circuit protection and fault current considerations.

Battery Accommodation

The correct battery accommodation is almost as important as the battery itself, and we here at Dale Power Solutions can help you select the right battery accommodation for your batteries, as well as install it for you. An extensive range of enclosures and stands (open and cladded) are available for all applications, and standard equipment such as battery isolators, switchgear and fuse boxes are also available to suit your requirements. Even if your environment is harsh or potentially explosive, we have a range of ATEX Ex compliant equipment to choose from as well, ensuring your battery is kept safe, your power equipment protected and your business functioning.

In need of a battery maintenance contract or battery service contract? Require a battery tester or load bank to test battery life and determine end of use life? Or perhaps you’d like battery replacement as quickly as possible? Whatever battery services you need, the team here at Dale Power Solutions can help, no matter the time, day, location or emergency. Aiding businesses across the UK, in areas including London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cardiff, we’ll see your battery predictive maintenance right, and ensure battery testing goes off without a hitch. Contact us today on 0330 999 3000 to find out more.

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Why Choose Dale Power Solutions?

  • We are one of the largest and leading independent suppliers of battery management in the UK. As your complete battery solution provider we can share our experience with and knowledge on all types of stationary rechargeable batteries and our service range is key to ensuring the correct battery sizing, battery supply, battery installation, battery commissioning, battery maintenance, battery testing and complete lifecycle management of the chosen battery. We only recommend the best battery for your application.
  • From battery testing, load bank testing and battery accommodation through to battery replacement and battery maintenance, here at Dale Power Solutions, we can do it all. Along with the safe disposal of batteries – not to mention our battery recycling programme – our battery services are as extensive as they are beneficial.
  • Environmental sustainability is very important to us. We recycle 96% of our waste, and recover 4% of this through our waste to energy process. Across all of our sites, we promote energy efficiency and water efficiency, waste reduction, and the reduction of potentially dangerous, volatile or environmentally damaging chemicals. We also have an ongoing commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, as we understand the importance of this to our collective futures.
  • We also invest heavily in our people, as they are the ones that make us the success we are. Across the UK, we have a team of over 100 dedicated service personnel – which include service engineers, project managers, software developers and commissioning engineers – who are all committed to client service and care, and the assurance that your power systems are running at optimum efficiency.

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Why do batteries fail?

UPS batteries and generator batteries can fail for a number of reasons, including:

  • High or uneven temperatures.
  • Inaccurate float charge voltage.
  • Loose inter-cell links or connections.
  • Loss of electrolyte due to drying out or a damaged case.
  • Lack of battery maintenance.

What is the 'end of useful life'?

The IEE defines ‘end of useful life’ for a UPS battery as the point where it can no longer supply 80% of its rated capacity in ampere-hours. When your battery reaches 80% of its rated capacity, the ageing process accelerates and the battery should be replaced.

My UPS or generator has been in storage for a while. Are the batteries still good?

As batteries go unused, with no charging schedule, their battery life will decrease. When it comes to the self-discharge characteristics of lead-acid batteries for example, it is important that they are charged after 6-10 months of battery storage. Otherwise, permanent loss of capacity will occur between 18-30 months.

What is the average lifespan of a UPS battery?

The standard lifespan for VRLA batteries is 3 – 5 years. However, expected battery life can vary dependent on environmental conditions, number of discharge cycles, and suitable maintenance. Having a regular schedule of battery maintenance and battery monitoring to ensure that you know when your batteries are reaching their end-of-life is always a good idea.

What is the difference between hot-swappable batteries and user-replaceable batteries?

Hot-swappable batteries can be changed out while the UPS power supply system is running. User-replaceable batteries are typically found in smaller UPS systems and require no training nor tools to replace. Batteries can be both hot-swappable and user-replaceable.

Can I mix batteries by battery type or battery age?

No – you should never mix batteries by type, battery age or manufacturer for that matter. Always remove and replace all batteries in your UPS or generator at the same time, and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to which batteries to use.

What risks does lack of battery maintenance entail?

Load loss, property damage and fire are all hazards associated with improper battery monitoring and battery maintenance, as is personal injury. Battery maintenance is imperative to the health and safety of your team, and the functioning of your business.

How often should I replace my UPS battery?

Batteries have a typical lifespan of 3 – 5 years, with causes of battery failure including loss of electrolyte and inaccurate float charge voltage. However, factors such as battery chemistry, battery cycling and suitable storage conditions can greatly affect how long your battery lasts. We strongly recommend carrying out battery maintenance tests to keep abreast of any battery faults or issues, as batteries are one of the most integral parts of your UPS system. Battery testers can visit your business, site or facility every 6 months to a year, ensuring you’re always in control of your critical power equipment.

Can I buy a replacement UPS battery?

You can buy a replacement UPS battery from Dale Power Solutions, and we have a great range from which to choose from. Our batteries include: valve regulated lead acid batteries; flooded lead acid batteries; flooded nickel cadmium batteries (NiCd batteries); gas recombination low maintenance NiCd batteries; lithium ion stationary batteries. Unsure which UPS battery you need? We’re more than happy to advise and guide you on the right battery replacement for your UPS system.

What does battery maintenance involve?

Battery maintenance at Dale Power Solutions can include everything from battery testing and battery replacement through to physical inspections, gravity checks and voltage readings, as well as checking the open circuit battery and UPS float voltages. Along with voltage measurement, discharge testing, cell testing and battery hire, our battery maintenance services include everything you need for efficient battery usage.

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