Containerised UPS

Containerised UPS Solutions

When space is at a premium for critical power solutions a containerised UPS system could be the alternative to meet your demands.

Features and benefits include:

  • Complete UPS, batteries, bypass switch and connections in one robust, compact package
  • Delivered fully assembled, only required connecting up to electrical supply
  • Batteries housed in an air conditioned compartment to maximise their optimum life span
  • Installation to suit limited space - e.g. building roofs, car parks etc.
  • Ease in transportation - UPS suitable for hire companies

Example of a containerised UPS project to meet specialist market requirement

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Cost effective and Energy Saving

  • Fully bunded ISO standard shipping container
  • Modular UPS to allow for hot-swappable solutions and future expansion of the business
  • Environmentally controlled battery room to ensure maximum battery life
  • Up to 96% efficiency in 'online' mode 
  • Containerised Solutions up to 1200kVA /960kW
  • Integrated ATS and UPS bypass system
  • Lockable personnel and maintenance access doors
  • Available in standard and customised solutions to suit the environment


Can a containerised UPS fit on a roof?

Yes, a containerised UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system can be installed on a roof, car park or where space is limited. Enquire now to see how we can help

Do you offer service and maintenance?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive service and maintenance solution based on your requirements as a business.

Can a system be hired/rented?

Containerised UPS are widely considered as an rented OPEX option for project work with fixed-term contracts.

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