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The Power Products You Need In The Rail Sector

The Power Products You Need In The Rail Sector

Considering a new Rail UPS power supply system because your current one has seen better days? Want to upgrade your PADS Approved UPS systems, Severe Environment UPS or Rugged UPS so that you can meet the demands of Control Period 6? Perhaps you’d like a PADS Approved generator, PADS Approved battery or PADS Approved switch board to keep rail operations running smoothly? Whatever you’re after, here at Dale Power Solutions, we can help with all of your rail UPS, rail generator, rail battery and transport switch board needs, and back this up with a team of transport technicians and transport engineers. From our PADS Approved UPS which includes the UP7003/372/5m (5 kVA UPS), UP7003/372/15m (15 kVA UPS) and UP7003/372/250 (250 kVA UPS) through to our diesel generators, which include the PME33 diesel generator (30 kVA Generator), PME66 diesel generator (50 kVA Generator) and PME88 diesel generator (80 kVA Generator), we can provide a full service and product provision like no other.

Under ‘’PA05/05449’’, we can supply, install and maintain a range of PADS Approved UPS, PADS Approved generators and PADS Approved UPS bypass panels among other transport power supply systems, and they include:

PADS Approved UPS Systems

Our PADS Approved UPS power supply systems will ensure the ultimate in power supply and power protection, and each comprise PADS Approved numbers that highlight certification and accreditation. At Dale Power Solutions, we can supply, install and maintain a great range of PADS Approved UPS, Severe Environment UPS and Rugged UPS, and these include those that fall under the PA05/05449 Certificate of Acceptance, including:

UP7003/372/5m 5 kVA UPS 0054/213203
UP7003/372/7.5m 7.5 kVA UPS 0054/213204
UP7003/372/10m 10 kVA UPS 0054/213205
UP7003/372/15m 15 kVA UPS 0054/213206
UP7003/372/20m 20 kVA UPS 0054/213207
UP7003/372/25m 25 kVA UPS 0054/213208
UP7003/372/30m 30 kVA UPS 0054/213209
UP7003/372/40m 40 kVA UPS 0054/213210
UP7003/372/50m 50 kVA UPS 0054/213211
UP7003/372/60m 60 kVA UPS 0054/213212
UP7003/372/80m 80 kVA UPS 0054/213213
UP7003/372/100m 100 kVA UPS 0054/213214
UP7003/372/120m 120 kVA UPS 0054/213215
UP7003/372/160m 160 kVA UPS 0054/213216
UP7003/372/200m 200 kVA UPS 0054/213217
UP7003/372/250 250 kVA UPS 0054/213270

PADS Approved UPS Batteries

At Dale Power Solutions, we can supply everything from batteries and battery spare parts through to RCV battery chargers in accordance with Network Rail specifications, such as

RCV50/40P, RCV50/50P, RCV50/25P, RCV50/80P/150 and RCV50/35P/55. Our PADS Approved Batteries can offer everything from 23 Ah charge through to 105 Ah charge, and we can advise on the right battery choice for your transport battery needs:

SWL750FR 23 Ah Battery 0054/213218
SWL1100FR 40 Ah Battery 0054/213219
SWL1800FR 55 Ah Battery 0054/213220
SWL2250FR 78 Ah Battery 0054/213221
SWL2300FR 78 Ah Battery 0054/213222
SWL2500FR 90 Ah Battery 0054/213223
SWL3300FR 105 Ah Battery 0054/213224

PADS Approved Switch Boards

PADS Approved switch boards relay electricity throughout a number of power system circuits, ensuring that power is moved and then distributed to the correct areas, and can also reach the power grid. An extremely important part of your power system, we supply only the best PADS Approved Switch Boards here at Dale Power Solutions, and these include:

WO19932/001/NR LV Switchboard NR Type 1 – PSP – NR – RN 0054/213225
WO19932/002/NR LV Switchboard NR Type 2 – PSP – NR – RN 0054/213226
WO19932/003/NR LV Switchboard NR Type 3 – PSP – NR – RN 0054/213227
WO19932/004/NR LV Switchboard NR Type 4 – PSP – NR – RN 0054/213228
WO19932/005/NR LV Switchboard NR Type 5 – PSP – NR – RN 0054/213229
WO19932/006/NR LV Switchboard NR Type 6 – PSP – NR – RN 0054/213230
WO19932/007/NR LV Switchboard NR Type 7 – PSP – NR – RN 0054/213231
WO19932/008/NR LV Switchboard NR Type 8 – PSP – NR – RN 0054/213232
WO19932/009/NR LV Switchboard NR Type 9 – PSP – NR – RN 0054/213233
WO19932/010/NR LV Internal Connection Box – NR – RN – Type 1 0054/213234
WO20038/001/NR LV Switchboard 40kVA NR Type 10 PSP – INTEGRATED GEN 0054/213235
WO20038/002/NR LV Switchboard 60kVA NR type 11 PSP – INTEGRATED GEN 0054/213236
WO20038/003/NR LV Switchboard 80kVA PSP NR Type 12 – INTEGRATED GEN 0054/213237
WO20038/004/NR LV Switchboard 120kVA PSP NR Type 13 – INTEGRATED GEN 0054/213238
WO20038/005/NR LV Switchboard 40kVA PSP NR Type 20 – NO GEN 0054/213239
WO20038/006/NR LV Switchboard 60kVA PSP NR Type 21 – NO GEN 0054/213240
WO20038/007/NR LV Switchboard 80kVA PSP NR Type 22 – NO GEN 0054/213241
WO20038/008/NR LV Switchboard 120kVA PSP NR Type 23 – NO GEN 0054/213242
WO20038/009/NR EXTERNAL CONNECTION BOX 1 – TYPE 1 0054/213243

PADS Approved Generators

Our PADS Approved generators provide the back up power that is fundamental to continuous power generation within the transport industry, and they include:

PME33 30 kVA Generator 0054/213244
PME45 40 kVA Generator 0054/213269
PME66 50 kVA Generator 0054/213245
PME71 66 kVA Generator 0054/213246
PME88 80 kVA Generator 0054/213247
PME110 100 kVA Generator 0054/213248
PME154 140 kVA Generator 0054/213249
PME164 150 kVA Generator 0054/213250
PME196 180 kVA Generator 0054/213271
PME220 200 kVA Generator 0054/213272
PME250 225 kVA Generator 0054/213273
PME275 250 kVA Generator 0054/213274
PME300 275 kVA Generator 0054/213275
PSE330 300 kVA Generator 0054/213254

PADS Approved Generator Fuel Systems:

Your diesel generator depends on pure, clean diesel fuel for efficient running, and a prolonged lifespan. Along with fuel sampling and fuel treatment options as part of our power services, we also recommend a PADS Approved generator fuel system that will keep your PADS Approved generator in tip top shape:

TEB100 450 litre Fuel System 0054/213255
TEB150 650 litre Fuel System 0054/213256
TEB250 1144 litre Fuel System 0054/213257
TEB360 1634 litre Fuel System 0054/213258
TEB475 2156 litre Fuel System 0054/213276
TEB550 2510 litre Fuel System 0054/213259
SBFT750 750 litre Fuel System 0054/213260

From transport UPS, PADS Approved UPS and PADS Approved generators, through to PADS Approved batteries and PADS Approved switch boards, here at Dale Power Solutions, we can supply, install and manage it all. From Kent and London to Gwynt y Môr and Carlisle, we’ve helped with transport projects across the UK, and our transport engineers can help with yours too. Please get in touch with us today on 0330 999 3000 to find out more.