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Emergency Services

Providing reliable and continuous power for our emergency services

Should the mains fail to provide our emergency services with power, then a seamless transition to a reliable source of backup power is absolutely fundamental to patient and public safety.

Maintaining effective communications with control centres, police officers, fire crews and the public and ensuring there is a reliable and continuous supply of power to operating theatres and ICUs is essential.

Our critical power equipment and expertise to support these services, form an integral aspect of emergency services ability to respond to any situation.

Why Choose Dale Power?

  • We understand and have worked within the Emergency Services market sectors for many years
  • Professionally serviced and maintained Generators and UPS systems to minimise customer disruption
  • 4 hour related call-out response time availability, 365 days a year
  • Regular Management Information (MI) with true maintenance reporting
  • Accurate real-time reporting via the Dale Field Data Capture App
  • Online Portal providing a smart maintenance solution with remote access to asset data, service reports & remedial works

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Your Critical Power to meet the demand


Whether it be a hospital, hospice, dental practice or cosmetic surgery Dale Power Solutions’ experience and ability to meet the vast array of critical power requirements is why we are the leading choice within the healthcare market.

Police Service

Dale have worked with the Police force for many years and delivered projects from our E-Series UPS system range to generator service and maintenance. In an industry that demands responsive action we are the perfect partner.

Fire Service

Like the Fire Brigade we understand being adaptable to situations is key. Our expert engineers and dedicated staff are available to assist and ensure an optimum choice for your critical power needs is met as we have done for many years.

Our Customers

Related Services


Hire Rental

We offer a comprehensive range of UPS systems for hire and provide full project management support for our customers.

UPS Installation & Commissioning

UPS Installation & Commissioning

Our engineers have the experience and capability to safely install UPS systems to the customer’s specification. Installation can be carried out anytime, anywhere.

Remote Monitoring

With Dale Power Solutions remote monitoring platform you can easily monitor and control your UPS, energy storage or generator performance.

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