Gas Turbine Spare Parts

With over 80 years of experience in the field, we offer a range of genuine gas turbine spare parts to keep you up and running. Find new parts alongside refurbished and used serviceable components to cut down on running costs. All of our parts are backed up by our full Dale Power Solutions warranty. 

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  • All gas turbine makes and models covered 
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  • Professionally serviced and maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications 

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Gas Turbine Spares Options

Comprehensive Selection

To ensure that your systems are kept fully functional, we hold an extensive range of gas turbine spare parts, so the part you need is always readily available. Find both new and refurbished parts and benefit from our full warranty. From replacement electrical parts to consumables and tools for ancillary systems, you’ll find the right part for the exact make and model of your gas turbine.

Parts, Kits, Consumables & Tools

Keep on top of your inventory of gas turbine spares. No matter what you need to keep your systems up and running, we offer spare part kits, OEM components, spares and consumables for ancillary systems, core engines, tools and special equipment. Spare part kits cover common maintenance scenarios to minimise downtime.

Tailored Contracts

Ensure that you’ve got a steady supply of components with a gas turbine part management contract. We agree on a level of stock and then consistently deliver parts. Use the knowledge of our experienced specialists and benefit from customised spare part recommendations to ensure you order the perfect parts for your system. Our parts are also continuously upgraded to match the current state of technology.

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Why do I need gas turbine spare parts?

Gas turbines suffer from daily wear and tear, meaning certain parts need repairing or even replacing. Keeping a fully stocked inventory of spare parts can drastically reduce any downtime, changing a fault from a system shutdown to routine maintenance. Our expert engineers can carry out repairs before your gas turbine stops working and stock up on parts that commonly need replacing.

What gas turbine parts do I need?

Gas turbines are highly technical pieces of equipment, meaning that it’s imperative to use compatible parts from the correct manufacturer. No matter what you’re looking for, we offer components, spare kits, consumables and tools that work with almost any gas turbine make and manufacturer. Our team work to get you the correct parts for your turbine as quickly as possible.

Why are gas turbine spare parts so important?

Vital for keeping you up and running uninterrupted, OEM spares let you repair your gas turbine in the event of any damage or part failure. In order to mitigate downtime, it’s important to keep stocked up on any components that need frequent repair. Spotting a damaged part and replacing it early on can reduce the maintenance costs and may even prevent a system shutdown.

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