Gas Turbine Maintenance

At Dale Power Solutions, we understand the critical role of Gas Turbine maintenance.

With over 80 years of experience in the industry, our trusted engineers are on hand 24/7 and fully equipped to service, interrogate and repair equipment from almost any OEM.  

Why Choose Dale Power?

  • 4 hour Gas Turbine response time availability, 365 days a year 
  • National coverage with on/off-shore maintenance reach 
  • Customised Management Information (MI) with true maintenance reporting
  • All makes and models covered by certified expert staff 
  • Accurate real-time reporting via the Dale Data Capture App
  • Professionally serviced and maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications 
  • Online portal providing a smart maintenance solution with remote access to MI data, service reports & remedial works

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Gas Turbine Maintenance Options

Preventative Gas Turbine Maintenance

Damage is unavoidable in the lifecycle of a gas turbine due to the complexity of individual parts, which can easily be subjected to wear and tear over time. To avoid disruption, we plan inspections to detect problems and then plan preventative measures, allowing us to make repairs at the right time.

Predictive Gas Turbine Maintenance

Our invaluable experience enables us to make reliable and accurate predictions as to when a gas turbine or its elements will begin to lose efficiency and need repairs. This allows us to accurately determine when it is the right time to carry out specific maintenance, avoiding power downtime in the process.

Engine Repairs and Overhauls

Whether it is planned, predicted or unexpected, our engineers can repair and overhaul entire engines when they experience downtime and inefficiency. In the event where significant repairs and replacements are necessary, we can supply operational gas turbines to replace damaged ones during their repair, avoiding downtime when power is so critically needed.

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Why do I need gas turbine maintenance?

Engineers collect important performance data during regular gas turbine inspections, which allows them to establish what course of action to take to prevent power downtime. Regular maintenance can be the difference between a simple repair and the need for a replacement gas turbine. Maintenance can easily be planned around expert predictions that can determine when components may fail.

What does gas turbine maintenance involve?

Due to the complexity of the equipment involved, gas turbines must be maintained on a regular basis or you risk power downtime. Most OEM-recommended maintenance procedures for gas turbines are relatively similar and require the servicing of critical components and systems to ensure that the fuel and injection systems, in particular, are running efficiently.

How often do I need gas turbine maintenance?

Generally, it is recommended that gas turbine maintenance is carried out on an annual basis due to the intricacies of the components involved. A number of components could experience inefficiency due to avoidable clogs, corrosion and erosion, all of which shorten the lifecycle of vital components that keep a gas turbine full working order.

What happens if I don’t get my gas turbine serviced?

Maintenance is necessary for a gas turbine to maintain full working order due to the complexities of the mechanics involved. When maintenance is not completed on a regular basis, any number of components could become compromised, like the injectors for instance. When this happens, the gas turbine will cease to work efficiently, risking power downtime.

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