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Environmental Sustainability Within The Power Industry

Environmental Sustainability Within The Power Industry

The energy industry is a foundational part of modern economic growth across the globe. The sector is fast-moving and has changed a great deal over the last twenty years. Alongside this, public interest in sustainable energy and climate change has evolved drastically too.

As such, the need for renewable energy is more present than ever before. It’s a matter of environmental sustainability, public image and economic cost – the challenge for policy makers in the industry is in balancing the demand for renewable energy with affordability and energy security. Fortunately, more and more businesses are beginning to improve their environmental sustainability.

Whether it be through renewable and clean energy like wind power, solar power or nuclear power, committing to better recycling practices or improving carbon footprint, big businesses are becoming more intent on setting and meeting sustainable development goals and energy efficiency. The public is placing more and more scrutiny on how businesses meet the demands of climate change and sustainability, and the market is changing because of this heightened awareness.

But there’s still a long way to go on the journey towards full sustainability. Here at Dale Power Solutions, we have long been committed to protecting the environment through our own sustainability measures in a number of different ways. It’s a passion of ours and it’s one of our core business principles. Let’s take a deeper look at the relationship between environmental sustainability and the power industry.

The Importance Of Environmental Sustainability Within The Power Industry

With the pressing need for renewable energy and sustainable development gaining more and more public attention, there’s more scrutiny than ever on the power industry to invest in sustainable energy supply. From public image to future proofing your business, there are a number of reasons that environmental sustainability is more important than ever to the energy industry.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Public Image

These days, environmental sustainability is an incredibly important part of many businesses’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy. This is essentially how businesses maintain a healthy relationship with the public while contributing to the benefit of the community socially and ethically.

In the age of social media, it’s easier than ever for a business’s reputation to come under fire and attract a great deal of bad publicity in an incredibly short space of time. It’s also a positive time where industries can work together and share knowledge at a much faster rate to improve their local and national environment. It’s in the interest of everyone involved to maintain a good relationship between the business and the public. Environmental sustainability has become absolutely fundamental to building and maintaining this relationship.

Planning For The Future With Sustainable & Renewable Energy

Public interest in sustainable energy has increased partly due to the growing awareness of climate change, carbon footprints and carbon emissions, both on an individual and social level. When it comes to the future, keeping the planet healthy is obviously a primary concern – and the energy sector now has an ethical responsibility to investigate clean energy and invest in alternative, more sustainable models.

Sustainability, environmental or otherwise, is vital for continued business growth. This puts the energy industry in a unique position, where sustainability is crucial for both business growth and social responsibility. As renewable energy begins to take over, energy suppliers will need to keep up with the rest of the industry and stay ahead of the competition by investing in clean power generation.

Sustainability Initiatives & Big Business

As mentioned previously, not only the public but internal scrutiny on businesses to find cleaner energy sources and perform responsible energy transition is greater than ever – and big businesses have begun to respond. Although many are taking pushing onwards to improve here are some of the ways in which global businesses have improved their sustainability:

Dale Power Solutions’ Environmental Sustainability

As one of the UK’s leading power suppliers, we have made environmental sustainability a core principle of our business here at Dale Power Solutions. We understand our responsibility within the UK’s energy sector towards protecting the environment and investing in sustainable and renewable energy. We specialise in clean energy like wind power and our commitment to environmental sustainability includes:

  • Impressive recycling – waste is a big problem in the energy sector. At Dale Power, 96% of all our waste is recycled – and 4% is recovered through our waste to energy process.
  • Investing in our environmentally friendly productsOur products are designed with efficiency in mind and with the aim of both reducing energy usage and increasing affordability – and we’re always investing in increasing this range.
  • Minimising the impact of national transporting – We implement strategic scheduling of all the routine maintenance we provide, improving efficiency and reducing our own carbon footprint. Our fleet is also entirely modernised to reduce carbon emissions: 100% of our fleet is <130g/km CO2 emissions.

How To Make Your Business More Sustainable

Becoming more sustainable isn’t always easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it and there wouldn’t be a problem. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do as the owner of a business, whether big or small, to reduce your carbon footprint and become more sustainable:

  • Embrace remote working: Remote working reduces transporting and commuting, making your entire business and workforce more environmentally conscious and lowering your carbon footprint.
  • Recycle: Every business produces some level of waste, so taking it upon yourself to recycle more is a great and simple thing to do. Reduce the amount you send to landfill by improving your business’s recycling.
  • Invest in sustainability: Investigate what’s going on in your business’s local community – investing in local initiatives can be a great way to improve your corporate social responsibility, public image, and sustainability.
  • Consider appointing a green advocate: Achieving sustainability requires a social and cultural change. Assigning a dedicated green advocate or team within your business is a great way to dedicate resources and invest your own sustainability strategy.

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