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Deadline Extended: The Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme

Deadline Extended: The Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme

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If you were hoping to receive funding from the Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (ALoMCP) but missed the deadline, then you may be in luck. The programme portal remains open for applications, and any applications approved in Windows 1 and 2 that had a Latest Valid LoM Change Date before or within September 2020, but had yet to complete the required works, have had their deadlines extended by 3 months. A further extension to the 4th August has been granted to any application that had an initial deadline of 24th March. This is great news, and here at Dale Power Solutions, we have engineers available across the UK to help you find and install the right relays for ALoMCP compliance.

The Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (or ALoMCP for short), is a government-funded programme that is offering grants of up to £4000 to protect the future of the UK’s energy. As you may know, power islanding is a key concern in the electricity sector – occurring when mains electricity supply is lost to the distribution network – resulting in issues such as unreliable voltage and frequency control, electricity protection sensitivity and damage to plant equipment when operating outside design voltage and frequency limits. Because this results in grid crashes, blackouts and business revenue loss, the aim of The Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme is to ensure that distributed generation does not impact the strength, resilience and safety of the distribution network by reducing the likelihood of power islanding and therefore keeping everyone connected.

In short, G59 relays and protection devices must be updated to G99 standards by September 22nd, or you could face heavy fines.

The Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme Government Grant

Though the ALoMCP deadline has been extended, applications for funding come on a ‘first-come, first-served basis’ and therefore you’d be wise to apply as soon as possible.

If your site uses a configurable G59 relay, such as the ComAp MainsPro relay, then all that you need to do is update it with the new G99 settings, retest it and be issued with a new test certificate. In this situation, funding of up to £1500 + VAT is readily available.

However, if your site has the G59 settings embedded inside the main controller hardware – for example, the older SCS hydro controllers – then the main board control may need to be replaced. The new control board would be G99 factory-tested, and you’ll be provided with a new test certificate. At Dale Power Solutions, we can install this for you, and in terms of funding, grants of up to £4000 + VAT can be provided to cover the costs of the hardware.

This £4000 + VAT includes:

  • £1500 plus VAT for the first protection device that requires either protection function deactivation or protection settings change.
  • £500 plus VAT per protection device for up to 5 additional protection devices that need either protection function deactivation or protection settings change.
  • £0 for any additional devices that require protection function deactivation or protection settings change
  • £500 plus VAT for sites that are subject to post-event sample site visits.

If ALoMCP funding is required, then you need to email lossofmains@locogen.com, and they’ll send you a letter of authority to complete. They will then register your site for grant funding, schedule the work with you and record the necessary changes as required by the National Grid. Our technical team can help guide you through the process too, making it hassle-free.

For more information on the Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme application process, we encourage you to visit our dedicated ALoMCP page here, and to get in touch with us today on 0330 999 3000.

How We Can Help – The Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme Relays

To aid compliance with the ALoMCP, we can supply your business with a range of G99 relays, such as the DSEP100 and the ComAp MainsPro.

The DSEP100

The DSEP10 G99 Mains Protection Relay is great at detecting changes in the mains supply and disconnecting equipment should a mains failure occur. Protecting distributed energy resource (DER) equipment and preventing power islanding, the DSEP100 is suitable for use with all DER equipment supplying power in parallel with the mains supply, as well as renewable energies such as photovoltaic (solar) and wind turbine installations.

Key Features of The DSEP100:

  • Detects mains failures when in parallel with another source.
  • RoCoF Protection.
  • Positive sequence over voltage/negative sequence under voltage.
  • Zero sequence overvoltage protection (Neutral Voltage Displacement protection).
  • Lockable security tab to prevent configuration changes after commissioning.
  • World standard integration (G99/1, G98/1, G59/3, G83,3 & C10/11).

The ComAp MainsPro

The ComAp MainsPro is a G99-1 non-type tested protection relay for mains-to-parallel applications, such as wind turbines, generator sets, hydro-electric plants and photovoltaic plants. With adjustable frequency (40-70 Hz), voltage (Voltage Range: 120-230 V Ph-N; 400 V Ph-Ph) and loss of mains protection to protect the distribution network and your power source, the ComAp MainsPro is a great G99 relay to ensure ALoMCP compliance.

Key Features of The ComAp MainsPro

  • RoCoF Protection.
  • True Root Mean Square (RMS) measurement for better accuracy and evaluation of failures.
  • Free assignment of 5 relay outputs allows a variety of signaling and trip methods.
  • Symmetrical components for better detection of voltage asymmetry failures.
  • Adjustable time delay of Automatic fault reset which avoids the necessity of on-site personnel.
  • Allows both 3-phase and 1-phase applications.

Unsure which relay is right for your business? Need guidance on how the Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme can pay for necessary relays? Regardless of whether you’re located in Manchester, London, Liverpool or Kent, Carlisle or Glasgow, we’re helping sites across the UK with ALoMCP compliance, so are sure we can help you too. To find out more, please contact us today.

How Else Can We Help With The Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme?

Besides supporting you through the ALoMCP process and supplying, installing and maintaining your new relays and systems, we can also recommend new products for extra power protection. In the power industry, we’ve all noted the rise in power outages, power failures and the increase in pressure on our grids. To ensure that your business can always operate efficiently, we suggest products such as battery chargers, DC power supply and switch mode rectifiers.

For example, our DC UPS/Battery Charger is available in both single phase input and 3 phase input. Our most popular – the 3 phase input range – offers these great options:

  • Additional analogue metering
  • Extra configurable alarm relay contacts
  • Special DC output voltages; 12VDC, 30VD, 60VDC, 120VDC, 240VDC
  • Special AC input voltages; 220-250VAC, 380-440VAC, 480VAC, 660VAC
  • Custom distribution isolators, circuit breakers or fuses
  • Anti-condensation fixtures
  • Battery isolation
  • Charger isolation
  • Load current sharing of parallel operation provided by droop voltage control and output blocking diodes
  • 2mV CCITT smoothing for 12, 24, 30 or 48/50VDC output systems
  • Counter EMF diode systems for loads sensitive to high charge voltages
  • Battery autonomies to suit requirements
  • Increased panel protection ratings up to a maximum of IP54
  • Remote monitoring and control via MODBUS

We also provide a great range of generator service and generator maintenance programmes here at Dale Power Solutions, so your whole power site can be safely monitored, maintained and repaired quickly and effectively.

Get In Touch

With fines still in place for businesses that don’t comply with ALoMCP, now is your time to get the ball rolling with your funding applications. Should you need any assistance with the ALoMCP process, or would like to use us as your ALoMCP relay supplier, please contact us today on 0330 999 3000. We can help with power supply sites such as wind farms, solar panels and hydroelectric plants located across the UK – in areas such as Scarborough, St Albans, Glasgow or Kent – so we’re sure we can help yours too.

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