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Dale Power Solutions’ clients to take advantage of new revenue opportunities

Dale Power Solutions’ clients to take advantage of new revenue opportunities

Dale Power Solutions is working with clients who wish to take full advantage of the opportunities being made available thanks to Flexitricity’s recent announcement to become an energy supplier. The opening up of the energy market offers clients access to prices of around £2,500/MWh, compared to around £50/MW in wholesale markets.

Industrial, commercial and public sector clients are benefiting from Dale Power Solutions’ complete project management, from development of business cases through to financial and funding options. Dale Power Solutions can arrange a fully funded system, aiming to accelerate the payback of a new energy storage system to quarter one of year of installation.   Jason Hunter, National Sales Manager for Energy Storage of Dale Power Solutions explains, “We help clients to build a business case, providing up to ten-year finance solutions.  With quarterly payments that fall below the savings made from new revenue generation, projects are truly cash-flow positive from the month the system is commissioned.”

Partnering with some of the UK’s leading energy aggregators and demand side response providers, business cases for energy storage projects are developed and savings are identified against energy bills through Triad Management, DUoS & GDUoS charge management and peak time shifting. Estimates are developed with the chosen aggregator partner for dynamic and/or static frequency response payments and other new revenue streams add directly to the bottom line.

As the UK’s only qualified delivery partner for NEC Energy Solutions DSS© products, Dale Power Solutions integrates advanced battery, power conversion and controls technology into a family of pre-engineered systems that are simple to design, install, commission, operate and maintain.   With one of the highest density battery technologies available, the NEC ES DSS system allows small footprint while offering maximum power (30kW to 650kW) and energy (85kWh to 510kWh).

Clients are supported by a nationwide network of engineers, receiving true 24x7x365 emergency breakdown cover, planned and predictive maintenance and rapid response. Combined with Dale Remote Monitoring of all systems, power systems are kept at optimal efficiency.

“This is the next logical step for Dale Power Solutions” says Jason Hunter. “Since 1935 we have been delivering power systems, both AC and DC with power control systems across the UK and the wider world, with generation and UPS capability built into the heart of our business, energy storage is a sector where we are right at home.   The added revenue that Flexitricity will provide through accessing the Balancing Mechanism strengthens even further the already solid business case for commercial and industrial organisations when acquiring a new energy storage solution from Dale.”