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In an uncertain world, where rocketing demand is putting a strain on power supplies, you need the total confidence in your back-up power that Dale provides. Select from our standard range of UPS and generators, or our secure power projects providing your ideal standby power solution.

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We know that creating your own path is important to your personal growth and development.

At Dale Power Solutions we know that creating your own path is important to your personal growth and development. We therefore expose our apprentices to a rotational program where you get to see where your strengths lie and how we can help you to improve whilst contributing to the company.
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In today’s world, the generators, power storage and maintenance programmes you put in place can make or break your business, and that of your clients too. Regardless of whether the origin is a short or long interruption, a voltage dip, a transient or other voltage disturbance, power interruptions can cause power outages, with serious consequences. Interruption duration is also important, as is the frequency of power quality issues and the impact they have on your company’s ability to operate effectively. In fact, it’s estimated that power quality problems across industry and commerce cost the EU approximately 10 billion per annum, while expenditure on preventive measures would cost less than 5% of this. Any malfunction or wear and tear to your UPS, diesel generator or power source components reduces your power availability, and therefore, regular checks can help to identify any faults and prevent any potential issues, while also allowing us to provide recommendations on new products and services that can expand your capabilities no end.

From maintenance, OFTEC Inspection Solutions and support with the Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (ALoMCP) through to remote monitoring, grid resilience, fuel management and site surveys, we offer clients a range of power services to help them meet their business requirements – regardless of whether they operate within the healthcare, utilities, telecommunications or data driven industries. With bases in Scarborough, Hemel Hempstead and St Albans, our network of over 100 technical engineers are always in reach, especially with our competitive ”4 hour call out time”. Our specialist team is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, to provide ongoing support when you need it the most.

Our personalised approach, fantastic testimonials and industry-rated accreditations, which includes being ISO 50001-, ISO 45001– , ISO 14001– and ISO 9001-accredited, shows that our products and services are suitable, safe and dependable. Along with our commitment to client care and environmental sustainability, you know that you can always trust in Dale.

We help take care of your business, so that you can focus on the functions that matter the most. We offer power solutions to clients up and down the UK, so if you’re located in areas as varied as Glasgow, Pen y Cymoedd, Manchester, Liverpool, London or Newcastle, and are looking for a power service partner you can rely on, then please call us today on 0330 999 3000 to discuss our range of options.

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About Dale Power

Since 1935, we have been providing clients with a range of power generation solutions to help them meet their demand, including UPS installation and commissioning, remote generator and UPS monitoring, AC and DC maintenance and UPS maintenance, as well as a range of products including the E200R Series, the E200R+ Series, the E200+ Series and the E300 Series from the E Series UPS range. Regardless of your site’s size and industry – our clients come from market sectors as varied as defence, manufacturing, retail and construction – each of our clients receives a client-focused approach that takes their requirements into account, and provides a service that they can always rely on. Whether you’re in need of a spare air filter, cooling system or control panel, need some generator maintenance or are dealing with an unexpected outage – our technical engineers are always on hand to help, supporting you best they know how.

Our team of engineers, project managers, software developers and commissioning engineers are not only experts who truly understand our products and services, but they are friendly, responsive and can help get you through the rough times. We understand the impact an unexpected outage can have on your business, and making this a priority, our engineers respond appropriately. We’re there with you until the problem is resolved, so that your site can get back to generating electricity.

Our support doesn’t end there however. We can help with product recommendations, maintenance repairs and create bespoke solutions for all of your AC and DC needs. We can answer any and all queries that will give you peace of mind. We’re extremely proud of the high level of support we provide our clients with, and we know you will be too.

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    Our energy storage, UPS and generator solutions will aid uninterrupted power supply…

    UPS Systems from Dale Power Solutions

    Our range of 60+ UPS systems are unrivalled within the industry, and includes:

    • The Dale E21306RE: 6kVA Single/Three Phase rack/slim Tower UPS; On-line Double Conversion; Sine Wave with LCD display; Rack Mount 1:1; 3:1; Wide input voltage range.
    • The Dale E2310E+: 10kVA Three Phase Tower UPS; On-line Double Conversion; Sine Wave with LCD display; Tower 3:1; Wide input voltage range.
    • The Dale E633200/4050: 200kVA Three Phase modular UPS; On-line Double Conversion; Sine Wave with LCD display; Modular 3:3; Wide input voltage range.
    • AC Frequency Converters – Single & Three Phase: Ratings available from 5 to 500kVA; Output frequency available from 16.7Hz to 800Hz; Output frequency in either fixed or adjustable format; Output voltage available from 10 to 750VAC; Output voltage in either fixed or adjustable format.
    • Industrial Environment UPS – Single/Three Phase: Available with Industrial Environment Protection options up to IP55; Advanced battery management; Output ratings available from 10kVA to 160kVA; High frequency, double conversion online UPS technology; 10 year life battery.

    From our AC and DC UPS to our containerised, switch mode and severe environment UPS, you can discover them all here

    Energy Storage

    We are a trusted NEC Energy Solutions Qualified DSS® Partner and can design, install, operate and maintain DSS® energy storage units for your complete peace of mind. The fully integrated DSS® platform enables next-generation energy storage-based services on both sides of the electricity meter: reducing energy costs and increasing the resilience, while improving efficiency, predictability, and distributed resource dispatchability for utilities.

    Available in 2 bay, 4 bay and 6 bay units, you can also choose from remote-mounted 100kW, 280kW, or 710W component PCS options, as well as from a range of adaptable outdoor-rated configurations. 

    Our unique, comprehensive energy storage solution also provides “The 4 Corners of Energy Storage”: Proven Technology, Aggregator Relationship, National Support, Financial Solution. From initial consultation to DSS® installation our joined ­up offering means you transition smoothly to an energy storage system and can quickly begin to enjoy lower energy bills for no capital investment.

    Discover More About Energy Storage Here

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    Our service offering is unrivalled within the industry, and includes…


    From preventing fuel problems and increasing efficiency through to keeping your generator running when you need it the most, generator and UPS maintenance is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to unexpected power outages. How you manage and maintain your power sources is a testament to your duty of care to your clients, and should be held in high regard. Whether you’re in need of generator spare parts such as batteries, alternators, cooling systems or air filters, are looking for remote monitoring, load bank testing or control system managements, we can offer you the full service here at Dale Power Solution, and even cater to bespoke designs too.

    Our Maintenance Options Include:

    Learn More About Our Maintenance Options

    OFTEC Inspection Solutions

    OFTEC (Oil Firing Technical Association) is the industry body that governs the assessment and certification of fuel storage and associated pipework. Fully up-to-date with the legislation surrounding fuel storage and the management and maintenance of systems, our qualified engineers can carry out your OFTEC Inspection, reducing the risks and associated penalties, should you fail to comply.

    From tank inspections and bund inspections through to fuel line pressure tests and fire protection, here at Dale Power Solutions, we can do it all. We can offer scheduled inspections, issue compliance reports which recommend actions to get your site in line with current legislation, and offer advice on generators and UPS. Regular inspections and planned maintenance can greatly impact your power site and prevent catastrophic events. We can also provide costings for any works required, and together, create and deliver a solution that you can depend on.

    Learn More About OFTEC Inspection Solutions


    The Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (ALoMCP) is an industry-wide project run by the National Grid and Network Operators (DNOs). It’s main goal is to update Loss of Mains (LoM) protection for renewable electricity generators such as wind turbines, hydro schemes and solar photovoltaics, to reduce the risks of needless tripping and loss of energy supply. Previously, these generators have been fitted with RoCoF or Vector Shift (VS) relays, which trip in response to transmission faults, or in RoCoF’s case, when sensing rates of frequency change as low as 0.125 Hzs-1. Because this can lead to Low Frequency Demand Disconnection and unnecessary loss of demand, the ALoMCP aims to supply operators with new relays and systems under the new G99 rules, and offers the following grants:

    • Up to £1,500 where protection function/relay deactivation and/or protection settings change is required.
    • Up to £4,000 where a protection relay replacement is required.

    These payments operate on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis, and the funding is also time-sensitive. We therefore recommend acting fast, because the initial cost vs. funding claim could potentially work out as being FREE. From surveying your site to supplying and installing the correct products, we can help you with the full service solution, getting your generators up to code in no time at all.

    Learn More About The ALoMCP

    Installation & Commissioning

    From the configuration of your equipment before its dispatched through to onsite installation and optimisation, we provide our clients with an extensive installation and commissioning service for diesel generators, UPS and gas turbines. Our service engineers can work alone on your project, or alongside your plant engineering staff to enable that all-important knowledge transfer – whichever you prefer. With safety at the forefront, all of our works are commissioned on time and with minimal disruption to your site and business.

    Our process is comprehensive, yet essential. We’ll conduct a complete site assessment including access, space and floor loadings. We’ll then organise delivery and placement of your power system, arranging special lifting and carnage if required. We can take care of all the electrical and mechanical work too, but we don’t just leave it there.

    During the commissioning stage, our engineers will test the complete power protection systems operation to ensure that your system is correctly tuned to provide you with maximum efficiency of your plants’ operation. Our service engineers will work in accordance with factory issued commissioning procedures and written method statements.

    No matter where your site is situated, our team is on hand 24/7 ready to commission your generator as per your requirements.

    Learn More About Installation & Commissioning

    Remote Monitoring

    Remote monitoring is designed to ensure your site’s critical load is protected by dedicated, trained personnel, even when your facility is unmanned. A fast and reliable maintenance service is the best solution to maintain high system availability for the entire life cycle, and here at Dale Power Solutions, we can monitor multiple systems, alarms, fault signals and fuel systems allowing us to act fast should we need to.

    Our remote monitoring process starts with your UPS being fitted with an SNMP (Simple Network Management Portal) card, which, when installed, communicates to the hosts UPS, extracting information from the UPS that allows it to be remotely monitored. Our servers will always monitor your UPS and record all essential data and specified alarms. Any alarm that is produced is immediately evaluated within our system which then transmits an alarm notification to your designated company contact via email. Our service team is notified and will analyse the data, and if required a service engineer will be dispatched to take care of any faults.

    We provide a 24/7 nationwide remote monitoring service – keeping your power in safe hands.

    Learn More About Remote Generator Monitoring

    Fuel Management

    Your diesel engine needs pure, clean diesel fuel for efficient and dependable running. The tolerances and high fuel injection pressures of today’s diesel fuel systems mean they are very sensitive to any fuel quality problems or contamination. Fuel contaminants can spell real trouble for engines, generators and pumps, and therefore it’s imperative that you have a fuel management process in place to prevent this in the first place.

    At Dale Power Solutions, we can offer:

    • Sampling & Testing: To access fuel cleanliness and fuel quality, we can provide the necessary equipment to carry out tests and send the results off to be analysed.
    • Fuel Treatment: From filtering your fuel stock to adding fuel additives, we’ll work with you to identify the best possible solution for your fuel treatment.
    • Fuel Storage & Handling: From tank cleaning and testing through to repair and replacement, we can offer guidance on how to reduce the risk of contamination through fuel storage and handling best practices.
    • Fuel Maintenance: To ensure that your fuel remains in prime condition all year round we provide fuel polishing systems which provide cycled polishing and easy access statistics on your fuel.

    Learn More About Fuel Management

    Site Surveys

    Site surveys are essential for ensuring that the installation, upgrading and maintenance of your power solutions goes as smoothly as possible. All of our site surveys are carried out by specially trained critical power specialists with much experience working on generator installation, operation and maintenance, and typically last 2 hours at most. Our site surveys include:

    • Assessment of the load size and electrical profile of your site.
    • Analysis of any known power quality issues, and what’s causing them.
    • Review of the physical location and environmental considerations.
    • Planning of the delivery route and logistics.
    • Discussion of generator supply and storage.
    • Discussion of ongoing maintenance and technical support requirements.
    • Creation of a general program of works and preferred installation time frame.
    • Consideration of any existing UPS, generator and battery installation for trade-in and recycling.
    • Discussion of additional works, such as load bank testing and temporary power supplies.

    Learn More About Our Site Surveys

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    Why You Should Choose Dale Power Solutions?

    1: Whether you’re in the market for a generator relay upgrade, UPS system maintenance, emergency power supply, fuel management or better grid resilience, we’ve got the solution for you. We also supply a fantastic range of UPS, generators and energy storage systems, and are always happy to recommend, guide and advise.

    2: We have a team of over 100 dedicated UK service personnel – which include service engineers, project managers, software developers and commissioning engineers – who are all committed to client service and care, and the assurance that your power systems are running at optimum efficiency.

    3: We take the health, safety and environmental responsibilities of both our and our clients’ businesses very seriously, highlighted by our industry accreditations. Along with adhering to ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 9001, we are also a CHAS accredited contractor, Constructionline accredited, an approved safe contractor, assured and CDM altius vendor and Nationalgrid Certified.

    4: Our belief in our people has been paramount to our success, and we are always proud of their accomplishments. Whether they’re participating in our apprenticeship scheme, becoming STEM ambassadors, winning industry awards or enacting their skill sets, we know we couldn’t be where we are today without our team, and for that we will always be grateful.

    5: We also believe in environmental sustainability, and protecting the environment. For example, we recycle 96% of our waste, and recover 4% of this through our waste to energy process.

    6: Should you ever need us, we’re never too far away. Along with a full critical power service support team who are available 24/7/365, we also have a ‘’4 hour call out time’’ – meaning we can be onsite and guiding you through and resolving any issues as soon as possible. An issue is never an issue for long with Dale Power Solutions.

    Get In Touch

    For a power solutions partner you can trust, choose Dale Power Solutions for all of your UPS and diesel generator needs. From Kent and London to Gwynt y Môr and Carlisle, we’ll be there in no time at all. Please get in touch with us today on 0330 999 3000 to find out more.