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Virtual F.A.T. are a hit with clients

Factory Acceptance Testing (F.A.T.) is an integral part of our quality control process. It ensures clients are completely satisfied with our products before they leave our factory. Work restrictions and limits on travel during the COVID-19 pandemic rendered traditional factory-based visits impracticable.

Our client, a gas processing and storage facility, wanted to F.A.T. a dual charger system with a common distribution panel. Several members of their technical project team needed to be involved in this process.

Dale Power’s Solution

Our team developed a virtual F.A.T. using a web cam, microphone headset and Microsoft Teams.

  • Quality procedures were adhered to throughout the testing
  • Questions and answers were provided throughout the 7-hour test
  • 6 external members of the client team joined the call, all from multiple locations including offices and homes
  • A punch list with client amends was created during the call. Amendments were made and photos sent for approval

Our Results

A comprehensive F.A.T. was completed, and two chargers and one distribution panel were released for installation and commissioning

  • Virtual Factory Acceptance Test complies with COVID-19 work restrictions
  • Clients were impressed with the resolution, professionalism and seamless delivery
  • No delay to project thanks to the virtual F.A.T.
  • Correct quality standards followed throughout
  • Cost and time savings to the client

Until social distancing restrictions in the workplace are lifted, all our F.A.T. are being conducted virtually. This has been welcomed by clients and has been a great success.

“We also have trust and a good working relationship with this company which also helps.”

“Factory acceptance testing from home, excellent work Dale Power Solutions.”