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Standardisation of UPS systems simplifies servicing, maintenance and management of spares for Police

Following a standard review (part of an ongoing maintenance contract) the UPS systems at 28 police locations were identified as reaching end of design life. Each site had CCTV and their own telephone system and computer system to support.

Working alongside a FM building management construction company, each site was surveyed by a Dale engineer and standardisation of the UPS at each site was recommended.

Dale Power’s Solution

28 identical E206+ (6kVA) UPS systems were installed, replacing the existing UPS systems. Although each system was the same, the different locations presented their own individual challenges. Some were in basements, others on upper floors, and some required rewiring. Owing to the diversity of location, each site had a project plan built around it.

Our Results

The police force now has a standardised solution for each station, simplifying service, maintenance and spares. Regular servicing and maintenance across the force ensures that the UPS systems are up-to-date and fit for purpose. The team knows that in the event of a power outage each station will transfer seamlessly to back up power and can continue to operate without loss of power.