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Secure, Critical Standby Power for Police Station

The UK police force approached Dale Power Solutions with an urgent request to provide reliable critical power to a police station. Their original UPS was failing rapidly and becoming unreliable.

Replacement modules were obsolete, and it was therefore increasingly difficult to service and maintain the unit. Additional load requirements were adding to the problem and a solution was needed quickly.

Dale Power’s Solution

Dale Power Solutions reviewed the present and future needs of the station. A parallel UPS system and batteries with increased capacity and standby time was recommended. This system required larger batteries to support the increased capacity and so was located in a larger space. Dale engineering advised on the choice of area to improve ventilation to the system and protect the modules from moisture caused by poor air circulation.

Dale engineers worked closely with the police energy environment team and a flexible approach to this installation ensured any unforeseen issues were swiftly dealt with.

Our Results

The new, upgraded dual UPS has the ability to run on just one UPS, providing the client with increased security and flexibility. It has capacity to support the addition load requirements and by building extra power redundancy into the solution the client is guaranteed critical power in their building at all times

– Supply and install a UPS and batteries with increased capacity and standby time

– Secure critical power is assured 24/7/365

– A future proofed solution

– A parallel system provides increased security and flexibility as they can now run on one UPS

“We needed a quick solution. As we had worked with Dale in the past and always received excellent service they were the natural choice. The whole project was completed very quickly and the transition from our old to new UPS system went smoothly with no down time.” Police Energy Environment Officer