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Replacement fuel tank and updated control panel maintains generator compliance

A well-designed generator can provide over 30+ years of service however when component parts become outdated or obsolete the whole system can fail.

Our FM client’s backup generator was in good condition, but the fuel tank was non-compliant and therefore risked leaking, the acoustic canopy was not in a sufficiently good state of repair to reduce noise to an acceptable level, and elements within the control panel had become obsolete or were failing.

Dale Power’s Solution

The existing fuel tank was replaced with a new, fully bunded, compliant tank. This mitigated the risk of a fuel leak, potential ground pollution with legal consequences and associated penalties

A new control panel was designed to fit within the existing system. The up-to-date panel  was now serviceable

The acoustic canopy was replaced

Our Result

The generator system was brought up to spec, operational and compliant with legal requirements

As this was not a capital investment, the upgrade was funded from the customer’s operational budget

The new system was fully serviceable and therefore the customer could be assured that any component parts needed would be available and future problems could be easily rectified