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Regular servicing & maintenance visits identify problems which would prevent the UPS from providing the required back up power

Through a Facilities Management client we work closely with the fire service to provide maintenance to critical power equipment at 6 critical fire stations in the north of England. It is crucial that equipment is working efficiently and fit for purpose and so a comprehensive lifecycle maintenance programme, including regular servicing, maintenance and upgrades is deployed across the area.

Dale Power Solutions engineers provide servicing and maintenance to both Dale and OEM UPS systems ensuring that all sites can be serviced by just one team of experienced engineers.

If the client permits, UPS systems are tested on load to ensure they are working optimally under full load conditions, checking to ensure that all aspects of the system are working correctly, including the entire electrical supply infrastructure (cabling, switchgear, generator, fuses). This ensures that the system is capable of taking on a full load during a power outage and ready when needed.

During a scheduled maintenance visit, the Dale Power Solutions engineer identified a fault on the UPS which would have prevented the UPS from providing the required back up power for the station during a mains power failure.

Dale Power’s Solution

The station team decided to replace the UPS with a new Dale E206 UPS.  Two additional external battery packs, providing the extended critical power autonomy required at the station, were added.

Further investigation highlighted the need to update the mains input feed to the UPS. Dale engineers updated the external connectors to feed the UPS ensuring the whole system was safe and able to support the station should there be a power failure.

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