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No break in back-up power to Fire & Rescue Services

A South-East Fire and Rescue Service needed to replace their UPS with a system which would not only support their current power requirements but also future proof the business for increases in load and autonomy. The UPS would replace a system which supported the Control Room, but owing to problems powering up a previous system, the client was nervous about powering down the system to install the new UPS. The brief was to replace the system with minimal downtime.

Dale Power’s Solution

A Dale E633 UPS with N+1 modular redundancy, provided the Fire and Rescue Service with the flexibility to expand the system should future demands for power increase. To deal with minimal system downtime, an EMBS External Maintenance Bypass Switch was fitted. This ensured that the system could be turned off and the installation could take place with no break in power to the emergency service line. The transfer to the new system then took place at a time which suited the Fire and Rescue Service team.

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