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Generator Fuel Polishing for South East Fire and Rescue Service

Fuel Polishing Service ensures generator equipment runs efficiently for South East Fire and Rescue Service

Dale Power Solutions provides the maintenance service to the back-up generator for a South East Fire and Rescue Service. During a regular maintenance visit an engineer took samples from the fuel tank and then provided recommendations which included fuel polishing.

Fuel left in a tank for a period of time will naturally develop sediment which forms at the bottom of the tank When the generator is started, and the fuel beings to circulate, there is a danger that the sediment will block the injectors which could in turn cause an explosion. Fuel polishing removes all forms of contaminants including water, particulate and microbial contamination from the fuel and therefore reduces the risk of a blockage.

Dale Power’s Solution

The Fire and Rescue Service decided to hire the fuel polishing equipment from Dale Power Solutions who provide a complete fuel management programme. Following the test recommendations, an engineer fitted the equipment which then circulated and cleaned the fuel. The fuel was then tested to ensure it was clean and free from contamination.

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