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Expert Technical Solutions in Critical Power

Aging equipment eventually wears out and replacement parts for these obsolete systems become increasingly difficult to source. This was the problem faced by an international delivery client when their 35-year-old generator control panel failed, and a like-for-like replacement was no longer available.

Having extensive knowledge of OEM systems and years’ of experience designing systems for clients, means that the Dale Power Solutions team has the skills and capability to modify existing systems when replacements are not an option.

Dale Power’s Solution

Dale Power Solutions surveyed the whole system and, realising a replacement was not available, designed a new panel to fit with the system. This involved modifying start signal and breaker controls to fit within the client’s existing switch board. The old panel was removed and the new installed and commissioned.

Our Results

The client can continue to use their existing system, safe in the knowledge that Dale Power Solutions’ experienced design team can provide modifications and support to ensure their system continues to provide them with essential back up power.

Dale Power Solutions’ ability to support OEM critical power systems enables many clients to continue to use incumbent systems despite parts becoming increasingly difficult to source.