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Engineered solutions for the Marine, Oil & Gas industry

A global oil and gas exploration company needed additional power on one of their oil platforms in the Middle East.Main electrical power supply to this platform is imported over 40kM from a third party operator’s facilities through a 33kV subsea cable link. Under certain conditions, this link could be limited to 3MVA; less than sufficient for full production.As a part of the project to ensure sufficient platform power was always available, the project objective was to install two new offshore generators, each rated for 2MVA Prime (continuous operation), to meet the additional power requirement of full production.

Dale Power’s Solution

Dale Power Solutions designed and supplied two containerised automatic start diesel generating sets (model MLE2500), producing a continuous output of 2500 kVA, 2000 kW, 6600 Volts at 0.8 power factor.The assembled generating sets were fully tested prior to despatch on resistive load banks, witnessed by the client and independent inspectors. Drawings and documentation were included in accordance with the client SDRL.