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E100 UPS protects your domestic IT systems

Our increasing reliance on IT in the home to power domestic appliances and support home working means there is inevitably a greater risk to expensive electronics in the event of a power outage or power surge.

The E100 series is designed to monitor and allocate power and serve as a backup in the event of outage, providing enough time to shut down equipment safely.

Dale Power’s Solution

Instead of an abrupt shutdown and irreparable damage to components, the E100 provides the time to save work and shut down safely and correctly.

Our Results

  • Backup for your desktop computer
  • Allows you to continue to work during a power outage and prevents loss of unsaved data
  • Keeps your smart devices functioning, and your home safe and running efficiently
  • Home media server protection
  • Alarms and domestic camera systems continue to protect your home despite fluctuations in power