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Containerised E600 UPS ideal for site with limited external space

A secure location in the UK required a UPS to provide uninterruptible power to their data room.

Initially the site was a temporary location, so a UPS had been hired to provide uninterruptible power, but once the site became permanent, the client decided to purchase a UPS. The challenge the client faced was the lack of space on site to house a permanent UPS inside the building. The client also wanted the option to safely move the container at least 4 times in the future to accommodate potential building work.

Dale Power’s Solution

Dale Power Solutions’ E600 containerised UPS provided the ideal solution. The modular E600 UPS can grow to 250kVA, future proofing the site for potential increased demands on power. Hot swappable modules and battery packs enable maintenance work to be carried out on the UPS without any disruption to power and compact, high density batteries in the container are supported by seismic stands which protect them in transit.

The containerised UPS arrived fully assembled to the site and was quickly connected to the switchgear.

Our Results

  • UPS and switchgear in portable outdoor solution
  • Seismic stands fitted as standard protect the batteries in transit
  • Unit arrives, fully assembled, on site and is quickly connected the switchgear
  • Small compact high-density batteries
  • Run time 10 minutes