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Complex London Installation Provides Seamless Power for CBRE

CBRE wanted to replace the whole backup power system in two large office blocks in central London. Both buildings had a generator which had been providing essential standby power for 30 years but they were becoming increasingly unviable.

Dale Power’s Solution

  • Dale removed all the old equipment and installed and commissioned 2 up-to-date all encompassing generator systems.
  • The new back-up power packages are much quieter than the older system and far more reliable, as was proved 3 months following installation when there was a power outage.
  • New generators provide seamless power to both buildings until mains power can be restored.
  • This complex project, located in the middle of London, adhered to strict deadlines for the entirety of the project, from design through to installation and commissioning.

Our Results

  • Two generators, control panels and exhaust system are installed in the room. Fuel tanks and transfer systems, inlet and outlet attenuation and all new cabling between the control unit and distribution system were supplied and installed.
  • The newer systems are much quieter and produce less vibration than the old systems.
  • Extraction and insertion of all equipment via the inlet attenuator which was a mere 2.5 x 2.4m.
  • Switch boards have a remote signal so only the faulty supply transfers to backup power, safeguarding essential services.