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Battery Replacement for Oil and Gas Client Minimises Offshore Maintenance

During a maintenance visit to a NUI one of the platform’s 8-year-old batteries was identified as requiring replacement (as per the battery maintenance strategy).

Dale Power’s Solution

  • Successful battery replacement was achieved within a tight timescale
  • Offshore service personnel and installation equipment were planned to align with delivery of battery
  • Client’s aim to minimise off-shore maintenance was fulfilled

Our Results

  • Like-for-like battery model unavailable, so an alternative battery model, suitable to the platform’s load profile and with comparable physical dimensions, was sourced
  • The battery blocks were all charged, and capacity discharge tested in a controlled on-shore environment, then fully recharged prior to shipping offshore
  • Safety when unpacking is of paramount importance to the client and a strict packing standard was adhered to for all 8 pallets of battery blocks
  • A Dale technician mobilised offshore along with lifting and moving equipment to carry out the battery replacement