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Battery Autonomy not compromised for Building Society with limited space

A leading Building Society wanted to replace a Riello UPS which supported their head office server room. Space was limited but the client needed a battery which would provide sufficient time to shut down computer equipment safely during a power outage.


• The E73330B has an internal battery with a 12-minute run time on kVA full load

• All parts are contained within the cabinet, including the internal battery and therefore footprint is kept minimal

• The E700 series has been designed for quick and easy installation. An existing bypass system was used to isolate the supply ensuring business could continue as usual during installation


A SNMP card was included with the system to enable remote monitoring of operations such as load running, battery capacity, status and voltage. In the event of a power outage servers can be safely shut down remotely and once power returns the systems can be programmed to awaken the servers when the batteries are at a certain level and therefore the load is protected.