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Deadline Extended: The Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme

July 17, 2020

If you were hoping to receive funding from the Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (ALoMCP) but missed the deadline, […]

How To Ensure Compatibility With Your UPS and Generators

With grid power supplies sometimes unreliable, and the impact of power outages for all kinds of industries being potentially catastrophic, […]

Products That The Water Industry Needs

Having worked in the power supply industry for over 80 years, we regularly get asked which products are suitable for […]

Standard UPS vs Industrial UPS – What You Want vs What You Need

Choosing a UPS power supply system that is affordable, durable, accessible, long-lasting and works perfectly with your existing power infrastructure […]

Modular vs Monolithic UPS Systems

To choose a modular UPS or not to choose a modular UPS – that is the question. At Dale Power […]

Security Within The Water Industry

As you may already know, water companies have pledged to spend more than £50 billion improving water services and customer […]