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Energy Storage with NEC Energy Solutions | Case Study


There is an increasing pressure by environmentalists and governments to find new and innovative ways to provide sustainable, carbon neutral energy.

Dale Power Solutions is the first Qualified DSS Partner in the UK to be working with NEC Energy Solutions to supply and install an innovative behind-the-meter battery storage solution for businesses with high energy demands.


The site is approximately 40 years old and in the past 10 years has seen massive expansion at its R&D site as new research facilities have been added. During this period, the site’s electrical demand has increased significantly. To address this the company has installed an 11kV intake substation and an onsite 33kV/11kV primary substation.

Dale was asked to install a major programme upgrade to ensure that priority supplies were maintained even if one or more of the onsite generators tripped out – with the additional request that fully physical testing did not incur any power interruptions.

The Challenge

Our client has a high temperature incinerator which burns hazardous wastes from both the UK and abroad. Large amounts of energy is required to run the plant which was being taken from the National Grid. Our client wanted to find a carbon neutral solution to replace this expensive process.

The Solution

Dale installed the carbon neutral NEC battery solution. The system is controlled remotely giving the client the flexibility to choose when and from where energy should be drawn. The bi-directional invertor allows the client to connect to the local grid network or the site load, so stored energy can be released when required. The system is then economically charged off the national grid during periods of low energy usage.


Our client is no longer wholly reliant on the costly process of pulling energy from the National Grid during periods of peak consumption. It has a flexible and cost effective solution which will bring substantial cost savings and offer potential revenue streams.

Tim Wilkins, CEO at Dale explains “This is a simple way for storage systems to provide excellent value to businesses who consume around 500kWh. Our client now has a flexible solution with a potential to earn substantial income by feeding back spare energy into the grid during peak times. There is an increasing need here in the UK to help businesses manage their electricity usage and this is a comprehensive solution which enables us to serve our customers best.”

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